here he is he is the one in the middle

here he is he is the one on the far right

Hi I got a new hamster his name is lighting he got his name because of the black stripe down his back

no more slugs!

My name is simone and i offer service to slugs i go to people’s garden’s and capture all the slugs and un harmfully take them to a safe place. contact me for more information at Simone@thenaturerangers.com

Harper’s Pet Service


Hi everyone A+ dog walking is out of business but good new’s me and my friend have started a company called Harper’s Pet service. we offer grooming, walking, sitting, and training. our cost is $20- $50 dollars depending on the pet. the most common question is ” do you just do dogs?” the answer is no we do newts up to great danes and even horses! We would love for your pet to join Harper’s Pet service team. Contact Me at Simone@thenaturerangers.com for more information.

A plus Dog Walking

I am waiting for my first client be the first to have your dog walked! I give your dog a free walk whenever like on the dogs birthday,or for a special event! We do birthday parties for all types of pets and they get a goodie bag full of five treats each. respond on by giving me a comment then say yes or no for me to be your dog walker. HAVE A YAPPY YAP YAP DAY!

baby guppies

My pet guppies are having babies a guppie is a fish they ail have 30-100 babies at one time.I NEED HELP ON HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ALL OF THEM. can you give me a solution?

TRY TO SAY THIS WORD then tell me what it says to you .

wqwnnsjnsjs snsms ssmsjsbcndjdn


If you LOVE animals then i suppose you would like a game called animal jam! you make an account online! You can even be a member! I you choose not to be a member you still can be a jammer! You get to buy two animals to be and you get to play fun games. you can also decorate you home by buying supplies at the store! I LOVE ANIMAL JAM i am a penguin and a bunny. you can also be a turtle and many other animals to choose from! You can get jam a grams that means cards and go to fun partys!!!!

Girl Scout COOKIES!!!!!!!

I am selling girl scout cookies for $4 each box buy em while you still can!!!! Their selling fast

i have….Thin mints, do si dos, tagalongs, duleches,samoas,thank you berry munchour new cookie, and savvanah smiles. I hope you can buy some. we can ship the boxes but you have to send the money first and the shipping money.I LOVE GIRL SCOUT  COOKIES do you?



This year is an ants year because crops are forming and seeds are falling. If you have an ant problem you can always contact me. This is what my business is for. In my last house the reason why we moved was because of an ant problem but when we moved here there were ants in our house and I found out that it is ant season! I like ants and all bugs even spiders but I do not like when that get annoying. bye thanks for reading this!


A few days ago I went to the Academy of sciences and I went in the butterfly dome and a blue monarch landed on me and it did not leave my hand!!

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