visit Herbst family mansion

On January 5, 2013 we went to the Herbst family mansion! The lady that past away was named Lee Herbst she owned the mansion. We went to the house because they were having a sale because she died. We did not know the lady or the mansion until my mom looked it up online but when we were there they let us have a rare antique it was a hedgehog covered with rabbit fur! It is probably worth a lot they were a wealthy family there house costed 14,000 ,000 dollars and each month it probably costed 200 dollars for food and water.



  • Rebecca Cidnie Kaykas-Wolff

    What a treat for us Simone, to have been able to take a peek inside of that beautiful home. You and Sofie were so lucky to have been given the little hedgehogs. The house was built in 1899 and known as a “mini Versailles” – which is a very important house in France. xo

  • Greg Thilmont

    What a cool adventure! What a cool hegehog!

    • simne


  • Patricia Eltouni

    I wish I had been able to go with you guys….the pictures were fantastic. Keep your new friends safe and warm….:) xo

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